We manufacture wide range of open well submersible pumps from 0.5 HP to 30 HP. Company believes in continuous quality improvement and adding wide range of new products in submersible and monobloc pump set for domestic as well as for agriculture purposes. We are continuously engaged in research and development with our corporate clients like Crompton Greaves Ltd and KSB pumps.

Our objectives are focused on responding to the customer needs. We developed environment friendly product. The methodology used to ensure that our product has more efficiency with the least operating cost, by using skilled and trained work force.

Over the past few years, SONA PUMPS has worked very hard to build its infrastructure and the systems to handle a significant amount of business. We have worked aggressively to construct walls, make electrical advancements, and other leasehold improvements to establish the business. Additionally, the company has configured staffs who are equipped to handle many tasks. These individuals are highly qualified and experienced. The company has designed and built machines with automated systems therefore we have developed strong relationships with our customers and offer them value-added improvements and vertically-integrate the business to support these improvements.



RANGE 0.1/0.07 HP/KW TO 30/22.5 HP/KW




SUBMERSIBLE OPENWELL PUMP SETS: Household Applications like Water from the Lower tank to Upper tank, Multi Storey Building, High Rise Apartments. Agriculture Purpose, Water Supply in Domestic Hospitals, Hotels, Industrial places. Fire Fighting, Civil Mining purpose, Sprinkler Systems, Drip Irrigation Systems.

SUB MONO PUMP SETS: Used in High Rise Apartments, Building and Hotels, Fountain and Sprinklers

DOMESTIC PUMPS SETS: Domestic Water Supply. Hospitals, Hotels Garages, Industrial Solar Heating Systems, Pressure boosting, Air Conditioning Industries, Oil Fluid Transforming.

DOMESTIC DE-WATERING PUMP SETS: To remove waste water, Flood Water, and other water Automatic removal from basement or from other low lying areas, Drain or Sump, Washed water removal, Solar Heating systems, Air Conditioning Systems.

DOMESTIC PRESSURE BOOSTING PUMPS sets: Increase Pressure from low or high heads tank supply, Household and Industrial Wash Down, Hydraulic Piping leakage testing, High pressure water supply, Increase pressure where low or inadequate pressure in water supply, Water treatment plants.


SONA PUMPS is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with DNV.

Quality policy of SONA PUMPS is to satisfy customer’s needs and fulfill his requirement by supplying the product which is reliable, least maintained and Energy efficient. We are ready to provide prompt services when needed. Our prime objective is to ensure customer’s satisfaction by continuous improvement in Quality and manufacturing techniques through research and development.

Our 24 products out of 25 are five star rated energy efficient products approved by BEE (BUREAU OF ENERGY EFFICIENT) and all 25 products are ISI mark approved by INDIAN STANDARD INSTIUTE.

Product Quality is ensured through tough quality checks at all the levels of assembly line in the production. We have all kind of calibrated and measuring instrument for testing. Company uses automated testing equipments and tools. We are having experienced and qualified experts for day to day operations. SONA PUMPS quality assurance plan is strictly followed under the ISO 9001: 2008 and ISI standards. We have quality check points at all the levels of operations i:e material procurement to the finished product.

We aim to achieve SIX SIGMA. We have established a documented procedure for statistical techniques to control, verify the processes for improvement and analyze in case of the quality objectives are not met. We are having safe working environmental condition for all the employees and have record of no major accident in the factory. All employees are trained for taking their best safety precautions for themselves and their colleagues.