Company Profile

Amrut group of Companies - based in the state of Gujarat is widely recognized across India and the World. Way back in 1970, Shri Amrutbhai Patel germinated the seed of Amrut Group of Companies by starting a small submersible pump manufacturing unit in a small village of Visnagar in Gujarat. Today that very pioneering company of Amrut Group is widely known as AMRUT ENGINEERING Pvt. Ltd. After a colossal success of Amrut Engineering in the submersible pump manufacturing in 1990, it was time to diversify the business. Then it was no looking back. One after another, Amrut Group ventured into ENGINEERING, MINING, PLASTIC, PACKAGING, REAL-ESTATE, AGRICULTURE, CONCRETE, INVESTMENTS and VENTURE CAPITALIZATION. The last 20 years has seen Amrut Group grow from a small submersible manufacturing company into a Group of Companies venturing into every developing sector of India. Today Amrut Group is a group of 10 Companies with a Net Worth of over INR 700 Crores diversified into various businesses, creating employment for more than 5600 people across India and has its presence in 9 countries across the globe and vendors in each state of India.


We at AMRUT GROUP believe in complete transparency in all our Businesses. Company’s day to day decisions are based on the feedback received from the stakeholders. Over time we have created a work place where each individual is valued and respected. Company’s stake holders are free to visit any company factory for any kind of quality inspection and ensure all promises are being fulfilled. We at Amrut Group believe in  constant and steady growth. We are continuously engaged in research and development for development of new products and services. Our objectives are focused on responding to the customer needs.

Additionally, the company has configured staffs who are highly qualified and well equipped to handle complex situations. These individuals are well trained and experienced. Over the period, Amrut Group has developed strong relationships with its stake holders.

Amrut Group is the mixture of the Clan culture and the Hierarchy culture. A very friendly place to work where people share a lot of themselves. It is like an extended family, Not very rigidly formalized structured place; still procedures govern what people do. The leaders, or the heads of the organization, are considered to be mentors and perhaps even parent figures. The organization is held together by loyalty and tradition with high Commitments. We emphasize the long-term benefit of human resources development, stability, efficient performance and smooth operations. Success is defined in terms of dependable delivery, smooth scheduling and low cost along with sensitivity to customers and concern for people. The organization places a premium on teamwork, participation, and consensus. Maintaining a smooth-running organization is most critical, formal as well as informal rules and policies hold the organization all together.

We encourage education in the organization by the way of different training programs like Productivity, Team spirit, Quality, Healthy work-environment, Health and Safety majors. Training programs have helped in developing leadership skills, motivation, loyalty, better attitudes, and other aspects that the successful employees usually display. We have always tried to create an open and conducive environment, where people can freely view and share their suggestions. We realize that a major chunk of their day is spent away from home with little time for recreational activities. We have our own in-house facilities to nurture.